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Posted 17. 9. 2023

New European High Roller PLO Record: An Astounding €2,036,515 Prize Pool with 221 Entries!

In the electrifying world of poker, history is being etched. The Big Wrap DIAMOND €10k PLO High Roller event has set a new European High Roller PLO record. With a remarkable count of 221 entries and a prize pool crossing the €2 million mark, this event is now a chapter in the annals of poker history.

Standing tall among the participants in this event is none other than Quan Zhou, who bagged half a million at the Diamond HR. Zhou demonstrated a masterful play, holding his ground against some of Europe’s finest players.

The event, which was initially awaited with bated breath, has far surpassed expectations, featuring a gripping progression that had fans glued to their screens till the last moment. The decision to postpone the final round to the next day has only heightened the anticipation and excitement, as the remaining six players vie for the coveted title and the massive victory prize.

With an entry fee set at €9,700+300, the tournament has become a magnet for high rollers from all across Europe, all seeking glory and a substantial financial reward.

Don’t miss out on further developments in this historic tournament, where we might witness further records being set and possibly the birth of new poker legends.

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