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Posted 3. 3. 2024

A New Milestone at the France Poker Festival

The France Poker Festival at King’s Resort has just concluded, leaving us with remarkable memories and record-breaking achievements. With immense pride, we announce that this year’s FPF has surpassed all expectations, hitting a staggering 4,679 entries and generating a total prize pool of €733,433.

This remarkable milestone reflects the unwavering passion and dedication within the poker community. Players from all over the world joined us, each bringing a unique touch to the felt, contributing to an electric atmosphere that could only be found at King’s.

Special thanks are also due to the entire FPF and King’s team, whose tireless efforts behind the scenes ensured the event ran smoothly. From the dealers to the floor staff, from the caterers to the event organizers, your commitment has not gone unnoticed.

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